VACUUM (sound choreography) (BE)

Sharing a mutual fascination for sound, award winning composers David Poltrock (Poltrock, De Mens,…) & Adriaan de Roover (fka Oaktree) joined forces in the studio. Their alliance resulted in intriguing ambient soundscapes where all sense of time and space is lost. These compositions grew into the immersive performance ‘VACUUM’: a sound choreography merging dance, video and quadraphonic sound.

Conceived and directed by Aïda Gabriëls (OESTER) ‘VACUUM’ combines the music of Poltrock & de Roover, movements by dancer Pieter Desmet, light design by Jan Van Lindt and video by videographer Wim Piqueur. On a 4.1 surround sound system handled by Yoran Cambier, Poltrock & de Roover created a one hour sound choreography leaving spectators to wander in a field of constantly shifting tension. Sounds move and grow from the most intimate and claustrophobic textures to monumental, crushing walls of noise.

As the dancer moves in this audiovisual landscape, he performs a physical battle that brings to stage both brutal forces, primeval instincts and human fragility. Yet more than following a clear narrative, ‘VACUUM’ is an invitation to give in to the various stimuli at play.

The music from the sound choreography will be available as of September 17 2021. Next to the digital release, the vinyl 12” record will be released on the Belgian label Consouling Sounds. The label has a long tradition of wayward music in genres such as Post, Doom & Ambient.







Music: Poltrock & de Roover
Directed by: Aïda Gabriëls
Dance: Pieter Desmet
Video: Wim Piqueur
Lights: Jan Van Lindt
Sound: Yoran Cambier