Pascal Schumacher (LU)

The Italian writer, Umberto Eco once said, “Solitude is a kind of freedom.” The statement certainly strikes a chord when talking about Pascal Schumacher’s new album, SOL. The vibraphone player and composer, who has made a name for himself in a variety of collaborative endeavours from quartets to symphonic orchestras, has recently discovered the liberation and wisdom of going solo, “I found out so much about myself alone, more than I ever would have imagined,” he says.

SOL captures Schumacher’s newfound passion for solitude in all its magnetism. Yet, it remains true to a relationship’s main characteristic; intimacy. The album’s track Melancolia, conveys a unique isolation which is as sad as is beautiful. Twinkle expresses the extremely personal feeling
of enlightenment. Even Tearjerker, a cover of Sakamoto’s famous song, is so intimately
understood by Schumacher that it seems he could have himself written it. “When you are
playing solo, you are really confronted with yourself. Your strong moments but also your weak moments, which are not necessarily your worst moments. There is something very beautiful about your fragility – that’s often the starting point for magical outcomes,” he says “it’s a really intense thing to play solo.”

SOL will be released in May 2020 on Neue Meister.







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