N∆BOU is the musical project founded by Nabou Claerhout in 2016. The music of the band and their unique sound and use of the trombone are very different from what we hear nowadays. Besides the jazzy sound of J.J. Johnson, the fresh and funky power of Fred Wesley and the fusion of Robin Eubanks, the jazz audience doesn’t get to hear much other facets of the instrument these days. Especially on a European level, the window is open for a new generation of musicians.

Thanks to their refreshing trombone sound, innovative effects and original approach of compositions, this young but very promising quartet is part of this current movement. Nabou Claerhout (trombone), Trui Amerlinck (double bass), Roeland Celis (guitar) and Mathias Vercammen (drums) want to introduce the extensive possibilities of the trombone instrument to their spectators and show its worth in the jazz-&-beyond scene of today.

N∆BOU’s debut album ‘You Know’ was released in October 2021.

“A beautiful work full of melodious catchy modern jazz”De Standaard
“Freshness prevails over pigeonholding”BRUZZ
“This album will become a milestone, a benchmark, a reference for all groups led by a trombone” Le Soir






Nabou Claerhout — trombone
Trui Amerlinck double bass
Roeland Celis guitar
Mathias Vercammen drums