Khalab (IT)

Khalab is Raffaele Costantino, radio host for RAI Radio 2 (Musicalbox is among the longest-running programs of Radio Rai’s schedule), author, consultant, musician and producer, researcher, music divulger, cultural agitator. With his work, he promotes black music of African-American origin, its infinite contaminations, influences and declinations.

He has collaborated and regularly collaborates with internationally renowned artists such as the Malian griot Baba Sissoko, contemporary icons of the new European jazz scene such as Moses Boyd and Shabaka Hutchings, the American poet Tenesha The Wordsmith, the Spanish dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina.

On his new album Layers, expected end of August ’23, Khalab acknowledges and celebrates the encounters that have shaped his ever-evolving musical vision. The record, with his own Hyperjazz Records, represents the culmination of a creative journey that began with his Eunoto EP (Black Acre Records, 2015), evolved with the Afro-Futuristic soundscapes of 2018’s highly acclaimed album Black Noise 2084 (On The Corner Records), and has since developed further through a series of experiences and deep musical collaborations. Layers summons all the alchemy of Khalab’s live performances, and embodies the transcendental power of music making as a collective art form.

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Khalab – electronics
Tamar Osborn – sax
Enrico Truzzi – drums
David Paulis – electric bass





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