Patricia Vanneste & Lies Verswijvel ⎮ Ode to darkness


What if what we label as gibberish are just the things that help reconcile us with the essence of life? The existential things that scare us because we cannot explain them. What if surrendering to the rarefied net is the way to experience a deeper connection with life?

In 2018, Patricia Vanneste stepped out of Balthazar, the band she founded 14 years earlier. She also maintained the string quartet Cordette and performs with Driftwood. In 2020, she debuted with Sohnarr, composed during a long trip in Sweden and Norway.

Recently, Vanneste started a new collective with writer Lies Verswijvel: IJLLAND.

Ode to darkness is their first project and is a tribute to the emotions we have trouble dealing with in our society. An immersive journey through the dark caverns of the soul, using spaceholding, soundscapes, music and storytelling.

IJLLAND invites you to dare to drift away from the mainland to become your own island. To dare to sail a different course. To dare to wander.

IJLLAND challenges you to venture into the rarefied. To open yourself up to the possibilities lurking in the ‘unreal’.




Patricia Vanneste viool, vocals, shruti
Lies Verswijvel storytelling
Peter De Clippel gitaar, harmonium, udu, vocals






2024tue03dec19:57Ode aan de DonkerteCC Maasmechelen (BE)

2024sun15dec19:59Ode aan de DonkertePaterskerk, Sint-Niklaas (BE)

2024tue17dec20:01tue23:01Ode aan de DonkerteCC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg (BE)

2024fri20dec20:04fri23:04Ode aan de DonkerteDe Biekorf, Brugge (BE)