Girls In Airports (DK)

The Danish award-winning indie-jazz band Girls in Airports released “Kabul” on September 9, 2022 ― it is the opening single from the upcoming album, which marks their first as a quartet.
In the beginning of 2023, Girls in Airports will release their eighth album, entitled “How It Is Now“. It is the first release since the band changed the set up in 2020. The smaller ensemble leaves more space to all four instrumentalists and creates a stronger sense of unity, where they play from an inner power.
The expression on the new album is more imaginative, melodical, and dynamically varied than before. The album is a sort of documentation of where the band is right now, exploring a brighter sound with endless possibilities. The album is a testament to having the courage to being yourself and choosing your own path. It revolves around themes such as having the courage to stand up for yourself, giving yourself space and
peace to exist.​

Girls in Airports is famous for their captivating soundscapes crossing musical genres and geographical borders. Combining jazz, indie, and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring, melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance-friendly, globally influenced rhythms. Featuring four of the most distinctive and creative musicians from the Danish music scene, Girls in Airports is one of the most vital experimental ensembles in Europe. With a coherent and unique sound, their music is both absorbing and powerfully emotive.




Martin Stender saxophones
Mathias Holm keys
Victor Dybbroepercussion
Anders Vestergaarddrums






Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!