Girls In Airports (DK)

The Danish award-winning indie jazz band Girls in Airports released its eighth album How It Is Now in March 2023. The new album cultivates the collective values – in and outside of music. How It Is Now is a snapshot of a band that has a deep belief in the community and the strength of the collective. On the new album instruments, moods and forms of expression merge and create a whole that is stronger than the individual. It is the sound of a free group that can move in any direction.
Girls in Airports is known for a particularly atmospheric sound that highlights the strong melodies and simple rhythms. It is instrumental music that has a broad impact and where the essence of jazz, improvisation, is expressed in a new way. As always, Girls in Airports has an infinite openness towards the music – also in terms of genres and formats, where the sound draws inspiration from distant hemispheres, Blue Note jazz and psychedelic electronic landscapes.
In the past few years, Girls in Airports has been through a rapid change – creating a big band work in collaboration with Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and inviting three singers to join them in new musical meetings at the Copenhagen venue Vega – all at the same time as diving into the core as a quartet. How It Is Now is a crystallization of this – an uplifting album that revolves around values such as openness, community, and charity.
“We want to influence our listeners in a positive way with our music by dimming the galloping currents of thought and instead speak to a place that is more curious and honest”, says saxophonist Martin Stender.

The process of creating the new material was radically different than before, with Girls in Airports this time opening the creative process to a select group of fans who were allowed to listen to a total of 15 tracks before mixing and mastering took place. Based on the listeners’ immediate reactions, Girls in Airports selected the 9 most powerful tracks that are now to be found on the album, How It Is Now.
“Something happens to our music when we play live concerts. This is where we feel the audience’s reactions and the music often grows after this meeting. This time we wanted to get the audience’s reactions before the album was released.” says Martin Stender.
How It Is Now is Girls in Airports’ first album as a quartet. The expression is more imaginative, melodic, and dynamically varied than before, where the band has made space for both slow, ambient sound landscapes and wild transcendent rhythmic passages. The dramatic shifts grow organically with the gradual development of the music and an eternal respect for the atmosphere.

About Girls in Airports
The Danish band Girls in Airports is based in Copenhagen and is one of the few Danish indie-jazz bands that has succeeded internationally. In Germany, the band is represented by one of the country’s leading booking agencies and play full concert halls wherever they go. The band has toured in countries such as the US, China, Brazil, and in most of Europe.





Martin Stender saxophones
Mathias Holm keys
Victor Dybbroepercussion
Anders Vestergaarddrums






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