Esinam (BE)

Esinam’s Ghanaian roots are the origin of the African touch in her music. She finds inspiration in her journeys all over the world and encounters with different cultures. Born in Brussels, Esinam is a multi-instrumentist. She composes, plays and performs her own contemporary music with flute, percussions, vocals as well as traditional and modern instruments. This sensitivity and new way of mixing different styles creates, colors and uplifts her musical universe. Esinam is most definitely part of the new and talented generation of musicians, proud to represent an exquisite and cultural blend of music. a rich blend of cultures.

When Esinam performs live, she juggles traditional instruments such as the tama, kalimba and pandeiro, which she loops and blends with the sound of her flute and voice. It sometimes triggers dance, sometimes contemplation.

Her highly anticipated debut album is set for release in 2021.




Esinam Dogbatse — flute, loops, samples, vocals
Pablo Casella — guitar
Axel Gilain — electric bass & Moog
Martin Méreau — drums





2024wed10jul20:26ESINAM & Sibusile XabaJazz Op Het Plein @C-mine, Genk (BE)