Catherine Graindorge (BE)

Catherine Graindorge is a Brussels-based violinist, violist, composer and actress. Over the years, she has built her craft by mixing disciplines, creating theater performances as a writer and actor, composing music for her own shows and for others.

Since 2012 and the release of The Secret of us all, her first solo album, she has multiplied collaborations with artists such as John Parish (PJ Harvey), Hugo Race (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Pascal Humbert and Bertrand Cantat (Detroit), Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Mark Lanegan (Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project) but also composed for dance, theater and cinema (with a Magritte nomination for her soundtrack of “Le Chant des Hommes”).

In 2017, she released a 3rd album with her trio Nile On waX on the label Dépôt214 (2017) and co-wrote an album, Long Distance Operators, with Australian Hugo Race on the label Sub Rosa.

In October 2021, Catherine returns to us as a solo artist with Eldorado, an album recorded in Bristol alongside the legendary John Parish, here producer but also musician, on Glitterbeat Records (Tak : Till)/

In a distant echo to the cinematographic flights of Max Richter or the flayed harmonies of Warren Ellis, Catherine continues her unique journey out of time.

September ’22 she released an EP with Iggy Pop.



Alongside her solo project, Catherine Graindorge plays in Nile On waX, with David Christophe on bass and Elie Rabinovitch on drums.
The trio’s music defies classification and reveals an immediately recognisable identity, “intense and hazy, somewhere between post-rock, jazz and psychedelia, western soundtrack and urban night stroll” (LE VIF).
After three albums, compositions for dance (Charleroi Danse) and cinema (Hal Hartley, Karim Ouelhaj), Nile On waX will release their fourth album “After Heaven” on 19 May 2023, on the German label Tonzonen Records.



Catherine Graindorge — violin, viola, vocals
Simon Ho — harmonium
Elie Rabinovitch drums
Teuk Henri guitar

Catherine Graindorge — violin, viola, vocals
David Christophe — bass
Eli Rabinovitch
— drums


Belgium, Luxembourg


Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!