Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz (NO/DE)

Wesseltoft Schwarz return with a new selection of tracks, DUOII, demonstrating that while neither acclaimed jazz composer and keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft nor electronics maestro and producer Henrik Schwarz could be described as predictable, as a duo they are absolutely mercurial. Their natural affinity, and symbiotic musical relationship, seems to provide both with equal amounts of inquisitive, experimental and creative energy, and all without sacrificing their accessibility.

This second collaboration album (or third, if you also include the equally superb “Trialogue” where the duo was joined by bassist Dan Berglund – of EST, Tonbruket and RYMDEN fame) travels the sonic landscapes of their imaginations, in all directions. Like its predecessor, the album retains that organic quality that allowed the music to breathe and expand, blurring the distinction between electronic and acoustic, and between live and sampled performance. However, that is where the similarities end, as this time their stylistic mutations have followed different paths, and they have augmented their sound with guest musicians and vocalists, conjuring different vibes, sounds, methods and moods – all while remaining distinctly Wesseltoft Schwarz.

This long-awaited sequel to DUO indicates Wesseltoft Schwarz’s disregard for rules or received wisdom remains healthier than ever, and that their work – both live and in the studio – will never be lacking in innovation or surprise.




Bugge Wesseltoft ― piano, electronics
Henrik Schwarz ― piano, electronics





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