Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz (NO/DE)

When some collaborations occur, it feels like Fate has been paying close attention, planning something special. On one hand: Bugge Wesseltoft, pianist, composer and pioneer of electronic jazz; on the other: Henrik Schwarz, one of the most sought after producers of electronic music who has remixed stars from Michael Jackson to Ane Brun. This combination may not seem as radical as once it might, as in the days before Bugge’s New Conception of Jazz, but the results most certainly are: this does not feel like your typical electronic jazz outing. It’s a Super-Group in microcosm.

Wesseltoft comes from a jazz background and has moved towards electronic music. He started on the ECM label with Jan Garbarek, and later collaborated with club music legends like Laurent Garnier and Francois Kervorkian on stage.  Schwarz comes from the Chicago/ Detroit techno culture, and performs at music festivals and in clubs on all continents. He has been moving towards the jazz and improvisation. Henrik: “Bugge and myself are moving towards each other, there are these energies.”

Bugge explains: “This duo feels totally organic. We are creating music on the spot, both live and in the studio. With today’s electronic tools you can really improvise with them, and Henrik is so clever with his stuff – he makes amazing music from scratch. He is doing a really kind of mellow playing, which is great because we can make this spontaneous kind of music together. Henrik adds: “For me this Duo is like the first words in a long conversation. The music that is coming out of this sounds very, very new and unheard to me – there is a lot to explore in the future. We have a concept when we sit down. So we know it’s all different, but there’s a certain kind of frame for everything. There’s a starting point.”





Bugge Wesseltoft ― piano, electronics
Henrik Schwarz ― piano, electronics





Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!