Ben LaMar Gay (US)

“Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun” is as much a ‘greatest hits’ as it is a ‘debut album’ for cornetist, composer and vocalist Ben LaMar Gay. It’s a collection of music composed, performed & produced by the anomalous Southside Chicago-born, sometimes Brazil-residing artist, compiled from 7 albums he made but never released over the last 7 years. Instead, he worked with jazz and experimental artists like Joshua Abrams’ Natural Information Society, Nicole Mitchell, Jaimie Branch and Bitchin Bajas while allowing his own songcraft to incubate to maturity.

The confident Downtown Castles is a showcase for Gay’s eclectic sensibility. Fractured, giddy, funky, and meditative, each song and sketch spotlights a different aspect of his talents.

“An album that is less about fusing jazz, funk, and other genres than it is about elevating the diverse sounds of Earth to the heavens”. Pitchfork

Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun was released May 4 via International Anthem.






Ben LaMar Gayvocals, synths, cornet, flute
Will Faberguitar, synth, flute
Josh Sirotiaktuba, flute
Tommaso Morettidrums, flute






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