Anton Eger  (SE)

For over a decade Anton Eger has made his mark in Europe as one of the most exciting and energetically virtuosic drummers on the scene. Following his captivating live performances and recordings with the likes of Phronesis and Marius Neset, ‘Æ’, his eponymous debut, is highly anticipated and will undoubtedly propell his profile to new heights. Full of high-energy drumming, complexity and unpredictability with ‘Æ’ Anton has pulled out all the stops, drawing on an eclectic genre-defying mix of electronica, hardcore contemporary beats and retro musical guilty pleasures.

Anton Eger spent five years studying at The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen between 2003-2008. He is the son of a Norwegian father and Swedish musician mother and raised in Norway, Romania, Venezuela and Sweden, and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a teenager Anton played the cymbals in a marching band, developed an interest in classical percussion and started his first punk band. After a year serving as a military drummer in His Majesty’s King’s Guard in Norway, he hungered for new territories, and jazz and rhythmically complex music became a major part of his life. He has since toured the world performing both contemporary jazz and stadium rock, with a foot firmly planted in both worlds.


“The overall effect is remarkable, the music succeeding on multiple levels thus making for compelling listening” All About Jazz

“There are multi levels in Anton Eger’s multiverse. “Æ” is a journey that every inquisitive listener should take” UK Vibe

“Anton Eger is the real deal – a musician’s musician with an approach all of his own” Drumhead Magazine


Niels Broos – keyboards
Matt Calvert
– guitar and live processing
Robin Mullarkey – electric bass
or Petter Eldh – electric bass
Anton Eger
– drums






Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!