Antoine Pierre VAAGUE (BE)


You already knew him as the bandleader of the six-member jazz group URBEX and his crossover project Next.Ape, but now Antoine Pierre goes solo on stage! With an extended drum kit around him, he presents a new and electronic repertoire: VAAGUE.
Don’t expect simple loops: all the sounds – recorded by Antoine himself and then edited and transformed – are sent to your ears in real time. He plunges the audience into a refined and exciting universe: electronic sounds are mixed with samples of musicians Antoine admires (Keith Jarrett, Magic Malik, Chopin,…), and through this whole he mixes fragments of voices and words. Antoine collected these fragments through the texts and speeches of various artists who left their mark on the 20th century (e.g. Duras, Morrison, Boulanger, Welles and Camus). Like veritable invasions of sounds, they illustrate Antoine’s vision, which itself remains primarily musical and poetic.

Musical inspiration comes from artists such as Floating Points, Son Lux, Deantoni Parks, Ian Chang, Flying Lotus and Moderat.




Antoine Pierre — drums, electronics





Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!