Rudresh Mahanthappa (US)

Movable Mirror 

Multi-year Downbeat Poll Winner and Guggenheim Fellow alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa leads a new trio with the highly acclaimed bassist Eric Revis (Branford Marsalis) and brilliant drummer Dave King (The Bad Plus). In the great tradition of Sonny Rollins’ A Night at the Village Vanguard, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, this ensemble explores the cutting edge of the saxophone trio’s potential. This group seamlessly forges a unified band sound consisting of the vast array of experience possessed by each individual member. Repertoire includes some of the iconic standards presented by Rollins as well as music by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and original work by Mahanthappa.

In simultaneously reflecting history and innovation from myriad perspectives, Movable Mirror pushes the boundaries of this art form while respecting the quintessential masters of modern music.


Charlie Parker @ 100

There is no denying the indelible influence of Charlie “Bird” Parker. His work as a brilliant composer and improviser has made so much music possible to this day. One can hear his impact in pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, and of course jazz. In a time where the words “innovation” and “genius” are overused, Mahanthappa celebrates a man who truly embodied both.

While jazz has continued to evolve as a global art, it is of utmost importance to examine its gravitational sources and forces. While Bird’s music has been performed and recorded countless times, it is a higher order of magnitude to absorb his work and give new shape and meaning to his gifts. That is to say that imitating Parker is of no consequence to forwarding this form, but developing new perspectives upon tradition is the substance of contemporary expression.

Bird’s sheer virtuosity and forward-thinking vocabulary were obviously astounding but what moved and continues to inspire us is the joy, humor, and beauty that he portrays, evokes, and instills… After all, the only way to address the present is to place one foot in the past and one foot in the future. We firmly believe that Bird would have wanted his legacy to resonate in this fashion. We hope that you enjoy our work as we continue Parker’s legacy 100 years later.Rudresh Mahanthappa



Movable Mirror
Rudresh Mahanthappa sax

Eric Revis double bass
Dave Kingdrums

Charlie Parker @ 100






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