Phronesis (DK/UK)

Phronesis have been one of the most talked about and acclaimed European bands during the past decade. And for good reason. Over seven studio and live albums, the trio have built a world-wide reputation for themelodic fluency of their writing, muscular, bold sound and visceral, highly kinetic musical interplay. They have also gained a considerable live following for the excitement of their energetic life-affirming performances. We Are All​, the band’s eighth and newest studio album, offers plenty of emotional range and musicalrichness both for committed Phronesis fans and new listeners alike. But in its title and scope, it also seeks to focus attention on an important message of togetherness and balance beyond the one they demonstrate on the bandstand. The trio aim to shine a light on the interconnectedness of all living species and the responsibility we hold as human beings to coexist in harmony with our environment, and to protect thebeauty, fragility and welfare of our planet, and each other.“More than ever before, we feel we have a responsibility to use whatever influence we have to voice environmental, political and social concerns, and use our creativity to raise awareness, to prompt discussion and to share a message, hopefully as a force for good. The history of civilisation is often told in terms of the struggle for power between nations and competition between those nations over resources. The question is whether humans will have the ability to cooperate with each other in the future; whether we will have the capacity to “love our neighbours” regardless of differences of race, religion and gender, and love and protect our planet in spite of the ravages of corporate capitalist society.”



Jasper Høiby double bass
Ivo Neame piano
Anton Eger – drums