Pascal Schumacher (LU)

Multi-talented musician and composer Pascal Schumacher opens up new horizons. In collaboration with the french guitarist Maxime Delpierre (Jane Birkin, Rachid Taha, Mick Jones, Damon Albarn, Jeanne Added) and Collectif Scale (scenography) he seeks the boundaries between contemporary classic, jazz and minimalist electronics.

Drops & Points sets Pascal Schumacher’s experiences and influences to music in a very personal way. He mixes classical, jazz and pop music with minimal electronic sounds, called modern classic, although Pascal Schumacher himself considers each classification obsolete. To him, music is a single, limitless playground. Using volumetric effects, narrative images, video mapping and lighting he created an immersive show, producing visual animations that accompany the live music in real time. Its a unique visual universe mapped onto the live music that is breezy, floating, impactful, rhythmic and dynamic.

“The music is ethereal and dreamy, a pastel soundscape achieving a lovely anthemic quality towards the end as the aural sky widened. Vibraphone floated like dense fog and the guitarist avoided any Bill Frisell-ian cliché. Steve Reich would have found this mesmerizing.” The New York City Jazz Record

“D&P feels like a wonderful, well-balanced suite in 7 chapters (…) The new album nestles besides the new Nicolas Jaar, though the latter’s album is much more extrovert and politically charged than this one. Yet there are unmistakable similarities: for example, the musicality driven by electronics, as well as the creative freedom that opens up the door for electronics” WrittenInMusic

Pascal Schumacher is a composer and vibraphone player from Luxembourg. In the past he has already worked with the likes of Francesco Tristano, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Jef Neve, Kenny Barron, Magic Malik and Nils Frahm.

‘Drops & Points’ premiered on March 25th at a sold out Philharmonie Luxembourg.




Pascal Schumacher – vibraphone, piano, keys, electronics
Maxime Delpierre – guitar, keys, electronics
Collectif Scale – sound & visual design



Jeff Herr – drums
Martha Khadem-Missagh – violin
Pierre Laurent – violin
Jean-François Mein – viola
Raju Vidal – cello





Currently no concerts. Stay tuned!