Nicolas Kummert (BE)

“There is often a wonderful gentleness to Nicolas Kummert’s playing that perfectly suits the music (…) And he shows a great musical personality”. BRAD MEHLDAU

Jazz saxophonist, singer and composer Nicolas Kummert has always shown versatility and openness to all styles of music. He played and recorded with Pierre van Dormael, Yves Peeters Group, Jef Neve, Alexi Tuomarila Quartet, Karl Jannuska group, Matthieu Marthouret, Viktor Lazlo and has been active with dance performances, hip-hop and house DJs as well as in the African music scene. He is currently signed to Edition Records for which he recorded ‘La Diversité‘ (2017) under his own name, and ‘Flow‘ (2016) with DRIFTER.


Nicolas Kummert

featuring Lionel Loueke (guitar), Nic Thys (double bass) and Karl Jannuska or Jeff Ballard (drums). They bring a rich, but never over-complicated musical style that has compelled and excited audiences across Europe and Africa. With Loueke, Thys and Jannuska’s contributions, the album naturally fuses music from diverse cultural roots into a powerful, organic entity. Just witnessing the friendship and empathy that exists between Nicolas and Lionel and their almost telepathic musical bond, it is hard to see La Diversité as anything less than the beginning of a great musical story.

“REVELATION… this album is the fruit of Kummert’s deep knowledge of west african musical culture… a vibrant call for tolerance and openness of mind.” JAZZ MAGAZINE (FR)

“A name for everyone to put on their watch list.” JAZZWISE (UK)


Air, and more air… Sculpting space and silence with music and movement … This is yet again music composed specially for the occasion by Nicolas, an invitation to improvise a shared breath. Four musicians, four nationalities, four cultures that breathe in unison, for a performance of aerial and incandescent music.



Release all tension and abandon yourself to the throbbing rhythms, impulses. Listen to your body, sway, and turn each movement into a move that brings you closer to a state of trance. Music and dance flirt and seek each other out ; they are the ultimate expression of voluptuous, carnal, visceral pleasure. A joyful and generous atmosphere to finish this journey … we defy you not to dance till you drop!





Nicolas Kummert
 – tenor sax
Lionel Loueke – guitar
Nicolas Thys – double bass
Karl Jannuska/Jeff Ballard – drums

Nicolas Kummert 
– tenor sax
Stuart McCalum 
– guitar
Borgar Magnasson
double bass 
Helge Andreas Norbakken 

Nicolas Kummert –
tenor sax
Hervé Samb –
Jasper Van Hulten –





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